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If you wish to write to them directly, they will provide a summary ofthe information in the form of a letter. Be sure to include with your written request thename of the person, including variations in spelling of names (VERY IMPORTANT), yourrelationship to the person; dates; and most importantly, the parish where the sacramentwas administered. Also be sure to explain what you are trying to find out and why.

The Archives only maintains records from closed parishes, faithcommunities, chapels, schools and other institutions. all church records are organized bychurch name only. If you do not know the name of the parish, a home address or the namesof major cross streets may aid in identifying the parish.

They do not charge for research, but they gratefully accept donations.Please include a stamped, legal size, pre-addressed return envelope.


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1911-1989

Corpus Christi 1923-1989

Epiphany 1924-1989

Holy Ghost 1939-1989

Holy Name 1919-1990

Immaculate Conception 1919-1981

Mother of Our Savior 1959-1989

Our Lady of Guadalupe 1920-1957

Our Lady of Help 1867-1968

Our Lady Queen of Hope 1965-1989

Patronage of Saint Joseph 1923-1989

Resurrection 1920-1989

St. Agnes 1914-1989

St. Albertus 1872-1990 (oldest Polish Parish in Detroit)

St. Augustine 1920-1989 (includes Mother of Consolation Records)

St. Benedict the Moor 1927-1989

St. Bernadette (Maltese) in Dearborn, MI 1943-1998

St. Bernadette Chapel (was at Henry Ford Hospital) 1942-1971

St. Bernard of Clairvous 1899-1990

St. Boniface 1866-1989

St. Brigid 1924-1989

St. Camillus 1941-1984

St. Casimir 1882-1989

St. Catherine of Siena 1912-1990

St. David of Wales 1924-1990

St. Edward 1927-1969

St. Eugene 1954-1989

St. George (Lithuanian) 1908-1965

St. Ignatius of Antioch 1948-1989

St. Joachim 1885-1989

St. John the Evangelist 1892-1981

St. John Nepomucene 1908-1976

St. John Vianney (in Highland Park, MI)1926-1978

St. Lawrence 1922-1989

St. Margaret Mary 1920-1982

St. Martin of Tours 1923-1989

St. Monica 1924-1989

St. Paul Maltese 1920-1957

St. Peter Lithuanian 1920-1995

St. Philip Neri 1922-1989

St. Rose of Lima 1919-1989

St. Stanislaus 1898-1989

St. Theresa of Avila 1915-1989

St. Thomas the Apostle 1914-1989

St. Vincent de Paul 1866-1965

St. Wencelaus 1870-1962

Santa Maria 1919-1973

Visitation 1920-1989


Grace Hospital

Henry Ford Hospital

Mt. Carmel Hospital

St. Francis Hospital

St. Mary Hospital


Anawim Community

Cardinal Leger Community

Emmaus Community

Our Lady of the Hills Community (Troy)

Vida Nueva Community


1st Communion records for Guardian Angel are in Reg. #26, St. Albertus.

Grace Hospital (1937-1941) in Reg. #3 of St. Wencelaus.

 If you anctipate that a lot of your research will involve Catholic institutions (including parishes, cemeteries, religious congregations, orphanages, etc.) within the Archdiocese of Detroit you may find it useful to purchase the Archdiocesan Directory. For information regarding the purchase of the Directory, please contact:
The Catholic Book Store
1234 Washington
Detroit, MI 48226

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