Polish-American Clubs in Hamtramck

Social clubs were very active in Hamtramck. These clubs offered a place for your ancestor to drink&visit&socialize speaking in their native tongue of Polish or English. Officers were elected for the clubs and  some political meetings were held here. In the book "Hamtramck" by University of Michigan college professor Arthur Evans Wood--the following clubs were active in Hamtramck in 1947: Polish National Alliance Club, Political Club of the Polish Roman Catholic Union, Alliance of Poles in America Club--Circle 11, American Polish Citizens Club, General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Club, Polish Falcons--Nest 86, American Legion--Henry Bushway Jr.--Post 24, Hamtramck Home Owners' Association Inc., Knights of Columbus--Cardinal Mercier Council--No. 2723, Legion of Polish Veterans of World Wars Club--Quarters No. 1, Pilgrim Club, Polish-American Century Club of Hamtramck Inc.(pictured at right), Polish Army Veterans Club--Post 113, Polish Legion of American Veterans, Ukrainian Democrat Club, and the 300 Club. 
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Photo from the Book: Hamtramck, A Sociological Study of a Polish-American Community by Arthur Evans Wood. Octagon Books, New York. 1974.  pg. 128


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