Copernicus Junior High and Elementary School
11422 Charest Avenue
Hamtramck, Michigan 48212


Hamtramck High School since 1970
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WEBMASTERS NOTE: Named after Copernicus, the Polish Astronomer who demonstrated that the earth and the planets moved around the sun (1473-1543).

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Copernicus Students from 1949
"The Hamtramck Link".
1. on arm of chair   Billy Young
2. next to Billy top   Milton Wolanin
3. Pat Tutaj
4.  Lorie Pypkowski
5.  Sophie Wojcikowski 
6.     Richard Dombrowki                                                                                                               
7.up higher    Richard Jesse
8.up higher girl     unknown 
9.below Jesse        Shirley Fiedler 
10.Below unknown  Dorothy Skomial
R to L bottom row sitting
11.  Mike Trojanowski 
12. Stephanie Krolewski 
13.Angeline Dobraczyski

Photo courtesy of WayneGenWeb Volunteer Sophie Martin


1941--from Michigan, A guide to the Wolverine State, by the Writers Program:

one of the most recent units of the Hamtramck school system, was designed to offer facilites for an efficient application of Dr. Keyworth's educational principles. The structure is faced with brick in several shades of orange, combined with variegated limestone, and decorated with terra cotta ranging from light buff through orange to reddish-purple. From the E-shaped ground-plan, the wings rise two stories, and the central portion three. The school, designed by D. C. Wetzel & Company, was completed in 1931 at a cost of about $900,000.

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