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Old Hamtramck High on Hewitt Street, --flocked with winter snow--            

from the 1946 HHS Yearbook

Hamtramck High School

This school  was once located on Hewitt Street on the southside of Hamtramck. It was named after Colonel John Francis (Jean Francois) Hamtramck, a French Canadian, born on August 16,1756, who rose from the ranks to become General Anthony Wayne's best strategist in the post-Revolutionary Indian wars, and the first American military commander of Detroit. His father was Charles David Hamtramck, born in Luxembourg. His mother was Marie Anne Bertin Hamtramck, born in Quebec. He is buried at Veterans Memorial Park on Joseph Campau.

The High School "bobbysoxers" of the 1940's all hung out at Kondrat's Confectionery. They loved Kondrat's so much they dedicated their 1946 HHS yearbook to the place : "In fond memory of the extra-curricular activities which we carried on there during our study halls".

Webmasters Note: Hamtramck High has been moved. It is now located in the former Copernicus Junior High  School.

School Colors: Maroon  and White

School Song: On Hamtramck

The "Cosmos" is a tribute to  Copernicus, the Polish Astronomer who demonstrated that the earth and the planets moved around the sun (1473-1543).

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