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1857 Directory

The Ladies Protestant Orphan Assn of Detroit

Incorporated March 21, 1857. The Anglin Buidling 
is situated east end of Jefferson Avenue, 
in the neighborhood of Elmwood Cemetery.

Board of Directors:
First Directress: Mrs. John Winder
Second " Mrs. John Roberts
Third " Mrs. O.C. Thompson
Fourth " Mrs. E.M.Clark
Treasurer Mrs. Solomon David

U. Tracy Howe
B. Vernor
S. Zug
Leir Bishop

Masonic Membership

The Masonic Hall which is a handsome building 
is situated on Jefferson Avenue
between Griswold and Shelby Street. 
There are 5 Blue Lodges in Detroit.

Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of MI

Officers from 1857
REGC Sir John Gilbert from Detroit
VEDGC Sir E.D. Cove, Hillsdale
EG Gen. Sir W.P.Ennis, Grand Rapids
EG Capt Gen Sir Jas Darrah, Monroe
EG Prelate Rev. Sir D.R.Jacokes, Pontiac
EGS Warden Sir G.D.Wilson, Lyons
EGJ Warden Sir T.A. Flower, Pontiac
EG Treasurer Sir T. Anderson, Detroit
EGS Bearer Sir F. French, Hillsadle
EGS Recorder Sir T. Anderson, Detroit
EGS Bearer Sir J.M. Olivier, Monroe
EG Warden Sir L.R.Atwater, Grand Rapids
EG Capt of G. Sir C.D.Howard, Detroit

From Johnston's 1857-8 Detroit City Directory:

Detroit Young Men's (Literary) Society

Organized in January 1833. Library and Reading Rm over Nos. 115
and 117 Jefferson Ave., Young Men's Hall, entrance between 115 &
117 Jefferson Ave.

List of Presidents since organization
Franklin Sawyer 1833
Douglass Houghton 1833
Wm. A Howard 1834
Chas W. Penny 1834
Geo C. Bates 1835
Marshall J. Bacon 1835
John R. Talbot 1836
David E Harbough 1837
Frank Sawyer, Jr. 1838
James A. VanDyke 1839
John G. Atterbury 1840
Saml Barstow 1841
John. S. Abbott 1842
Saml T. Douglass 1843
Asher S. Kellogg 1844
Bela Hubbard 1845
Walter J. Baxter 1846
Thos. W. Lockwood 1847
James V. Campbell 1848
Edwin C. Walker 1849
D. Bethune Duffield 1850
U. Tracy Howe 1851
Halmer H. Emmons 1852
Geo. V.N. Lathrop 1853
Chas. J. Walker 1854
Leir Bishop 1855
H.P.Baldwin 1856
John B. Palmer 1857

Officers for 1857 and 1858

Pres. John B. Palmer
VP. Alfred Russell
Corr. Sec. S.D. Elwood
Rec. Sec. S.E. Pittman
Auditor Geo. McMillan
Treas. A.H. Adams
Librarian Robt. R. Bell 

Names and Salaries of Teachers of 
Primary and Union Schools for 1857

Capital School Mr. H. Olcott $900

Miss L. Adams (in place of Miss Rockwell) $400
Miss Throop $250
Miss Heath $250
Miss Lillybridge $400
Miss McClelland $300
Miss McGinnely $200
Miss Robinson $350
Miss Snow $300
Miss Fanny Taylor $350
Mrs. Riggs $300

Barstow School Mr. Marcy $900

Mrs. Marcy $400
Miss Corssman $300 (Crossman?)
Miss Ingersoll $300 (Miss Humphrey to take her place next term)
Miss Mather $250
Miss Calvert $300
Mr. Watkins $750
Miss Clark $300
Miss N.A. Payne $300
Miss Gowan $300

8th Ward Union School Mr. Smith $900

Miss Brodner $400
Miss Chaffee $250
Mr. Willetts $750
Mrs. Brayman $300
Miss Buell $325
Miss O. Bingham $300
Miss A. Bingham $300

Sixth Ward Mr. W. Bassett $800

Miss W. Noble $300
Miss E. Norton $250

First Ward 
Miss Coburn $350
Miss McGee $300

Second Ward
Miss Ensworth $300

Third Ward
Mrs. McDonnell $300

4th Ward
Mr. John Hall $400
Miss Monroe $100

Fifth Ward (on Green St)
Miss Chipman $250

Sixth Ward
Mr. Bassett $800
Miss Carolyn Young $250
Miss Emeline Taylor $300
Miss Mackie $300

(no 7th Ward)

Eighth Ward
Miss Cornell $300

9th Ward
Mr. Haley $600
Miss Keyes $250
Miss Dolsen $250
School on Fort Street, 
the lst two are continued on their former salaries

10th Ward
L.B. Hort $400
Miss Burnell $300
Miss Olewene $200

Detroit Post Office

Office Hours 7 am till 8 pm, on 
Sundays from 8 till 9 am and 5 till 6 pm.

Located in the basement of Mariner's Church on Woodward Ave.
, S. of Jefferson Avenue.

Postmaster Cornelius O'Flynn
Asst Postmaster Fred Seitz
Head Clerk M.M. Williams
Local Mail Agt H.M. Scovel

Clerks: Wm J. Chittenden
Mason Norrel
Henry Seitz
Geo. Morrison
Louis Desnoyer
Henry Baker
Fred Leach



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