79OO Joseph Campau Avenue, Hamtramck, Michigan

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photo from the "Dodges, The Auto Family Fortune and Misfortune" by Jean Maddern Pitrone and Joan Potter Elwart  1981

Michigan--A Guide to the Wolverine State   by the Writers Program 1941  page 286

The Dodge Plant, which manufactures passenger cars, is the outgrowth of a Detroit machine shop acquired in 1910 by two brothers, John F. and Horace E. Dodge. The Dodge brothers first manufactured stove parts, but soon specialized in making automobile engines and parts for Henry Ford. The plant was later moved to the present Hamtramck site in 1910. Three years later the brothers forsook the Ford Business, expanded the plant to make cars of their own, and produced the first Dodge automobile on November 14, 1914. Both brothers died in 1920. In 1928 the Dodge properties were acquired by the Chrysler Corporation.

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Dodge Main (in 1941) --was located on a 58-acre tract with more than 4,500,000 square feet of floor space available in 59 buildings. A city unto itself, it included a hospital, a private telephone system, and a  fire department. 
About 1,200 cars were built  during an average work day in the 1940's.

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Photo Courtesy of Bob Doering~~ 1951  made at Dodge Main


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Courtesy of Bob Doering ~~Click on graphic  to see the full image

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Webmasters Note: Don't look for Dodge Main in present day Hamtramck, it's been torn down since 1980.

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Photo from the book West of Warsaw by Frank Serafino
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