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Poland-Roots -- (
GENPOL Genpol Listserv (from Poland)
A mailing list for discussions of Polish genealogy. Postings
are made in both English and Polish. Mailing address for postings
To subscribe, send an E-Mail to
with the following message:   subscribe genpol Firstname Lastname
A mailing list of surnames for anyone researching genealogy in the
former historical borders of Poland including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moravia, Hungary,
Russia, the Balkans, and East Prussia.
Additional information can be found at
Mailing address for postings is:
To subscribe, send an E-Mail to:
with the following message:   subscribe
A mailing list for the discussion of Polish and Lithuanian heraldry,
the history of the armorial clans, and the genealogy of noble families.
Mailing address for postings is
To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as
the only text in the body of a message to
The "real" experts on ship arrivals and passenger lists are to be found
on this ListServ.
To post messages to everyone subscribed to this mailing list,
send e-mail to the address:
To subscribe, send the following message to
*** also make sure you turn off your Email's automatic signature line.
Galicia Listserv
To exchange information that would be useful to persons who are researching their Galician ancestors. [Note: Galicia is located in southeastern Poland and southwestern Ukraine.]

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