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Transcribed in August, 2005 by Suzanne E. Palmer

If additional information is needed on a student who attended Northwestern in 1945, please contact transcriber at: aunt_woo@yahoo.com


1945 Norwester



Dedication: To Mr. Charles G. Burns, our principal, whom we hold in high esteem, we dedicate this “Norwester.”

Foreward: The producers of the Norwester have attempted this year to present the year’s activities realistically. We portray for you with camera, brush, and pen the events and associations of the year as you have known and enjoyed them.

For many of you, this will be a record of your last year in high school, a year which will mark both an end and a beginning in life. For others, it will be a chronicle of your first or second year in Northwestern and will inspire you in the year to you.

We have done out best. We hope that this Norwester will preserve for you, whoever you are and wherever you may go, the hours of study and good times spent here under the guidance of Northwestern.

Norwester for 1945

Northwestern High School

Detroit, Michigan

Sports team: The Colts

School newspaper: The Northwestern Colt


Principal: Mr. Charles G. Burns

Assistant Principal: Vera E. Fox

Clinic staff: A. Diekoff, B. Westlake, E. Gormley, S. Brechtel

Counselors: Mr. Carr, Miss Orth, Miss Vyn, Miss Doherty, Miss Schindler, Mr Stoff, Miss Clough

Fine Arts Department: Miss S. Edwards, Mrs. B. Wagoner, Miss F. Gunther, Mr M. Lax, Mr. J. Trattner

Social Science Department: Miss E. Pursell, Mrs A Keppel, Mss H. Bauer, Miss J. I. Finn, Mr. W. Markley, Miss L. Holtman

Exact Science and Natural Science: I Rundie, A. R. Gillpin, S. R. Wilson, E. Clark, J. Miller, B Woodbeck, F. G. Sisson, L. D. Wesley, W. M. Wade, A. H. Hollinger, J. P. McGuinness, P. Sullivan, W. A. Hair

Language Department: Miss G. Bogenrieder, Miss E. Kennedy, Miss B. Merriam, Mrs. B. Nusbaum, Miss Black, Mr. T. Weiskotten, Miss M. F. Beaman, Miss E. Green, Miss E. Mevis, Mrs K. Nova, Miss M. Brown, Miss O. Battersbee, Miss N. Norris, Miss E. Seaver

Health Department: Miss M. Clarke, Miss D. Oehmke, Miss E. Watson, Mrs P Carty, Mrs M. Dunn, Mr. J Demaree, Mr S Bishop, Mr J Russell, Mr W Laury

Commercial & Vocational Department: Miss H. Sterns, Miss G. St. Onge, Mrs M. Westphal, Miss D Carle, Mrs E. Razor, Mrs G. Burton, Miss K. Joyce, Mrs. E Doherty, Mr. G Burgess, Mr M. Ammer, Mr Al Losey, Mr J. Otten, Mr H. Barget.

January 1945 class officers:

Class President: Harold Pink

Class Vice President: Ronald Teasley

Class Treasurer: James Packard

Class Secretary: Peggy Comstock

Class Motto: Our eyes fixed forward on a star

Class Colors: Green and white

Celebs for January:

Harold Pink – President 12-A class; president “N” club; president Lincoln house; vice president national honor society; captain varsity football; captain varsity baseball; varsity basketball; magna cum lauda diploma; Michigan plaque

Peggy Comstock – Secretary 12-A class, president Spanish club; student council; secretary-treasurer Mount Vernon House; radio dramatics club; girls glee club; library staff; treasurer Spanish club; colt staff; president Mount Vernon House; chairman soldiers fund; co-chairman 12-A honor and scholarship committee; 12-A prom committee; war records committee; Gallant.

Lloyd Jones – Co-president Roosevelt House; varsity football; “N” club; colt staff; vice president concert band; co-chairman 12-A social committee; freshman football; house swimming

Helen Shaffer – Debate club; Latin club; student council; co-chairman Norwester committee; cum lauda diploma

Charles Jones – Varsity basketball; varsity football; “N” club; national honor society

Margie Thomson – Treasurer Jane Austen House; secretary student council; chairman 12-A motto committee; service club; debate club; president concert band; colt staff; concert orchestra; G.A.A. executive board; Spanish club; “Norwester” literary staff; prom committee; ’43, ’44, ’45 class day committee; gallant 5th 6th war loan drive; secretary homeroom 204; Northwestern representative All-City high school youth council; Northwestern representative 1944 Wolverine girls state.

Ronald Teasley – Vice president 12-A class, captain varsity basketball; varsity baseball; vice president Jane Austen House; “N” club, all-city basketball team.

Elena Garcinava – President Pershing House; captain cheer leaders; P.A. announcer; secretary-treasurer Pershing House; Spanish club; war records committee; co-chairman 12-A social committee.

Jim Packard – Treasurer 12-A class; vice president Lincoln House; chairman 12-A dues committee; debate club; magna cum lauda diploma; student council; national honor society; service club; 12-A open house committee

January 1945 Graduates:

Ruth Anderson

Malcolm Bateson

Evelyn Benedict

Helen Bikos

Dorothy Bolitho

Norman Brainard

Bruce Briggs

Joan Bulkin

Don Bulington

Geraldine Burke

Donna Bussey

Ray Caldwell

Jimmie Sue Campbell

James Carmody

Roselea B. Carson

Ann Christopher

Betty Clark

Harold Clark

Harrison Clark

Shirley Clark

Audrey Cole

Peggy E. Comstock

Jamesetta Crawford

Jean Audrey Crook

Arline Davidson

Harold Davidson

Barbara Davis

Eva A. Edwards

Robert A. Erickson

Genie Virginia Fields

Mary Lillian Finger

LaVerne Louise Flake

Edna Fuller

Ernestine Gambrell

Elena Garcinava

Juanita Gillery

Louis Hebert Glenn

Marjary Glenn

Betty D. Grimditch

Jean Groat

Edwin R Gunter

Ebba Mae Hemenway

Marianne Herman

Douglas M. Hickey

Ollie Mae Hill

Virginia Lee Hill

Aileen Holmes

Cynthia Howell

Frances Hutchinson

Josephine Januszkiewiez

Harry C. Johnson

Marilyn Johnston

Theodore Joki

Charles W. Jones

Lloyd E. Jones

Carol Jueckstock

Elizabeth Knell

Mary P. Koch

Robert Kron

Margaret Larsen

Charles Lawrence

Margaret Lewis

Iverson Loftin

Edith Lounds

Jane Mack

Shirley Manus

Aurora Maraldo

Ellsworth Matthews

Mildred McClintic

Elizabeth McClymant

David McLeod

Jim Miller

Ronald Milz

Harold Mitch

Lola Myers

Keith Near

John Nelson

Roland Newberry

Leonard R. Noechel

James Packard

Mary Patterson

Lawrence Piazza

Harold Pink

Patricia Potter

Mary Louise Pratt

Frances Maw Pugh

Benjamin Ramey

Dorothy Randell

Douglas Reddick

Henry Reece

Doris Reed

Milton Rexrode

Betty Ritz

Joseph C. Rivers

William Rogers

Claude Rowan

Paula Schade

Lillie Settles

Helen Shaffer

Valerie M. Smendziuk

Evelyn Smiley

Andrew J. Smith

Betty L. Smith

Evelyn Smith

George Bruce

Jean Marie Spaulding

Herman Spearman

Margaret Stephenson

Ruth Swanson

Beverly Talbot

Ronald Teasley

Mary Margaret Thomson

Richard Turpen

Kathryn Venus

Barbara D. Vogel

Shirley Walkowski

Katie May Wells

Charles Frank Yeager

Patricia L. Young

Lois Zibley





January 1945 graduates without photographs:

Sally J. Barden

J. D. Cook

Margery Grange

Virginia Lee Hunt

Melvin Jones

Thomas L. Junad

Levi Kendrick

Theresa Kolk

Mary Kopis

Geraldine LaBar

Thelma Merritt

Gloria Speights

Elizabeth Suriano

H. Wilson

Alma Jeanne Winkfield

Helena Lenore Wright

June 1945 class officers

Class President: John Damiani

Class Vice President: Ernest Quarles

Class Secretary: James Shippee

Class Treasurer: Barbara Bremiller

Class motto: We never know how high we are till we are asked to rise

Class colors: fuchsia and white

Celebs for June:

John Damiani – President 12-A class; captain varsity baseball; treasurer “N: club; captain varsity basketball; president homeroom 272; prom committee; varsity football; Gallant.

Ernest Quarles – Vice president 12-A class; varsity basketball; varsity baseball; lieutenant R.O.T.C.; “N: club

Jim Shippee - Secretary 12-A class; varsity footfall; varsity baseball; chairman homeroom; vice president Lincoln House

Barbara Bremiller - Secretary G.A.A.; student council; varsity tennis; girls basketball; dance club; girls hockey; co-art editor “Norwester” treasurer; 12-A class; prom committee; colt staff; honor roll

Betty Bremiller - vice president G.A.A.; secretary Mount Vernon House; varsity tennis; girls basketball; hockey team; co-art editor “Norwester”; chairman 12-A publicity committee; prom committee; honor roll, gallant

Don Hall – student council, co-president Roosevelt House; treasurer Roosevelt House; R.O.T.C. commander; R.O.T.C. officers club; a cappella choir; prom committee; 12-A vocational committee; president 273, honor roll

June Berry - G.A.A. executive board; student council; 12-A open house committee; co-president Mount Vernon House; vice president girls business club; president homeroom 118

Jim Cameron - Co-president Mount Vernon House; vice president “N” club; co-chairman homeroom 176; 12-A color committee; varsity football; prom committee

Pauline Burt - President G.A.A.; vice president Mount Vernon House; captain girls basketball; varsity tennis; girls business club; “Norwester” staff; hockey team, co-chairman social committee; prom committee; honor roll

Walter Webb - Spanish club; radio club; R.O.T.C. officers club; co-chairman 12-A social committee; honor roll; house representative Gallant’ honor diplomaouse; vi


June 1945 Graduates

Roger E. Abitz

Carolyn Abler

Artis Kernell Atwater

Geneva Adams

Bette Alcorn

Barbara Alexander

Barbara Allen

Bernice Allen

Harry Allen

Leona Alvin

Robert Amos

Jane Anderson

Agnes Arabian

Dolores Arildesn

Leon Atchinson

Joan Bodkin

Helen Backuros

Edith Baker

Evelyn Baker

Juanita Baker

Katherine Baker

Mary Jane Barnebee

William Baxter

Charlotte Beattie

Chas W. Berrian Jr

June Berry

Harold Blewett

Jean Boden

Vivian Bonds

Jean Booker

Alice Brantley

Barbara Bremiller

Betty Bremiller

Rosemary Bright

Don. L. Broach

John E. Brodgon

Margaret Buchanan

Margie Bucon

Lee Ann Burke

Lillie Ruth Burns

Pauline Burt

James A. Cameron

Thomas Edw. Chance

Dolores Clark

Evelyn Clark

Henrietta Clark

Mary Elizabeth Clifton

Shirley Cochrane

Lois J. Cole

Larry Comstock

Earl Theodore Coons

George Craft

Wilbur Crayton

Waltorina Crutcher

Lois Cyr

Marylee Dahlstrom

Genevieve Dames

John Carl Damiani

Mattie Julia David

Minerva Dean

Waltraudt Dege

Doris Dillard

Ruth Dixon

Helen Dobey

Delphine Donaldson

Helen Dartch

Irene Despoy

Marian Draper

Dorothy Draw

John Robert Driver

Evelyn Duff

Geraldine Dunlop

Frances Edwards

Mary Lou Edwards

Jeanette Eglinton

Ruth Ellison

Jean Evans

James Fair

Robert J. Farbolin

Clifford Farrington

Dick Fick

Margot Fink

Dorothy Fisher

Robert Fuller

Beverly Garbolino

Ruth Dolores Gardner

Betty Jane Gibbs

Jacquelyn Gmelin

Dorothy Goodman

Kathleen Gordon

Shirley Gormley

Martha Gornall

Lena Graham

Lloyd Graham

Charles Greene

Donald Greenwood

Lorraine Griffiths

Doris J. Guy

James C. Hague

Raymond Hajjar

Don Emerson Hall

Maryion Hall

Mary Jean Hand

Marion Hanna

Roberta Harper

Earl Harris

Pearl Harris

Delores Harrison

Ralph Harvey

Betty Haskins

Lois Hasseler

Doris Havard

Betty Henderson

Jacqueline Henderson

Dovis E. Hespeler

Helen Hickey

Geraldine Hicks

Madeline Holsey

Lottie Hollis

Gloria Hoyt

Janelle Huff

Virginia Hulun

James David Irvine

Jeannine L. Jackson

Willienell Jackson

Don Jeffrey

Jean M. Johnson

Ulysses Johnson

Gerald Jones

Mary Jones

Melvin Jones

Thomas Junod

Louise Kallas

Helen Kantgias

Theresa Keen

Margaret Kehonisn

Levi Kendrick

Miriam Kim

Dorothy King

Helen King

Dorothy Knudsen

Therese Kolk

Mary Kopis

Anabel Krumwiede

Geraldine LaBar

Noelle A. LeBlanc

Emmett Leith

Marcella Lewis

Shirley Loffman

Lois Long

Anne MacKenzie

Eleanor Mackie

Gus Mackris

Edna Marion

Bertha Marshall

Loretta Martin

Marjorie Mayles

Ramona W. Mayo

Robert McCann

Shirley McCaughan

Dorothy McDonald

Tom McDonough

Donald McEachin

Claribel McKenny

Isabel McKenzie

Beverly Meadows

Bernice Mecum

Ben Merritt

Dorothy Mitcalf

Doris Miller

Hermione Miller

Luther Miller

Jean Mitchell

LeRoy Mitchell Jr.

Madeline Mitchell

Callie Mixon

Jane Montgomery

Joy Monteith

Patricia Mulvihill

Juanita Murray

Patricia Murrell

Billy Dean Neace

Lucille Norman

Wilfred Odom

Helen O’Donnell

Rose Mary Ohanesian

Leona Ososke

June Otto

Corinne Francis Owen

Lillian Owens

Lorraine S. Palm

Willa Mae Parks

William Patterson

Robinzine Payne

Harriett Peilet

Vyner Perini

Bessie Pierce

Juliaette Pits

M. Patricia Pitzer

Carolyn Plemmons

Irene Pacevich

Camilla Poluszny

Mary Lou Poppenhager

Clarence Powell

Mervin Price

Norma Probert

Alice L. Purdy

Ernest Quarles

Bob Quist

Raymond R. Radway

Robert V. Radway

Vera Marie Rennie

Bennie A. Rhodes

Phyllis Richardson

Janet Rimstad

Leslie J. Roberts

Juanita Robinson

Olive V. Robinson

Janet Rodger

Dorothy Romph

Melba Rouse

Lillian Runda

Donald Rupp

Josephine Sarnovsky

Mary Jane Saunders

Mary Ellen Schenavar

William Schmitt

Kathryn Schmitz

Eugene Schneider

Isabel Scot

Lloyd E. Scott

Jean Seal

Charlotte Secrest

Jeraldine Seeley

Irene Seferian

Shirley Settlemire

Evelyn Settles

Georgia Lee Settles

Peter Shaheen

Robert Sharp

Virginia Shawdis

Jim Shippee

Eric H. Shreve

Don Sieg

Verne C. Siegfried

James F. Simmons

Leonard Slomczewski

Doris Smith

Muriel E. Smith

Jacqueline Smith

Blythe Spillsbury

Helen Stahl

Clifford Steele Jr

Daniel Steen

Eleanor Stephan

Doris Stevenson

Norma Stevenson

Betty Stewart

Catherine L. Stinson

Joseph T. Sullivan

Grace Szybski

George A. Thomas

Marie Thornton

Antonia Tseronis

Ray Tsurumoto

Lilly Pauline Tucker

Thomas A. Turner

Marguerite Vartabedian

Mary Vartabedian

Sonya Vartabedian

Edward Walker

Olga M. Walls

Phillis Walton

Dona Waters

Walter Webb

Amanda Wells

Donna L. West

Charlotte Whittaker

Elizabeth D. Whyte

Herbert Williams

Maedean Williams

Robert Wiltsie

Pat Windsor

Alma J. Winkfield

Marjorie Jane Withers

Nadine Woll

Georgina Worrall

Irma M. Wyman

Lee Zenobia

Note: the following names were out of alphabetical order in the yearbook so I’ve transcribed in the same order.

Norman Hodges

Alberta Kazarian

Marvin Lesher

William McClendon

Louise Sharp

June ’45 graduates without pictures:

William E. Amos

John Henry Dennis Jr.

Donald Gheen

William Hamilton

Richard J. Hennessy

Harry L. Hurst

Helen Hutchinson

Robert Lamb

Patricia Martin

Billee McKinney

Helen Nicholson

Carrie Norman

Andrew J. Randorf

James A Randorf

Harold E Smith

Ray E. Uthes

Emily Wollenwebar

Summer school graduates ‘45

John Blair

Robert W. Blair

Harry G. Brown

Winifred Bryan

Anna Louise Clavon

Mary K. Collins

Thelma L. Curry

Joan Devlin

Clara Ellington

Artimus Felton

Charles Finger

Elaine P. Ford

Juanita Frazier

Thomas H. Garrison

Ezekiel Graves

William L. Green

Marion Gunn

Betty Hamilton

Marvin E. Hamilton

Jean P. Hanslow

Ruth Harmon

Alice J. Howie

Ernestine L. Jarrett

Ernestine Jeffery

Alberta Johnson

Clara T. Johnson

Willie Alfred Jones

Yvonne C. Knox

Dorothy Lowers

Marian Lytle

Sally F. Malvern

Bertie Lee Martin

Jacqueline C. Miller

Faye Oberson

Shirley M. Reaves

Mary Kate Rogers

Daniel W. Sanders

Calvin L. Shelton

Carleton Elaine Sims

Willie Lou Simuel
Ethel L. Stewart

Earl Thompson

Ella Mae Valintine

Mary Lou Verpoort

George O. Washington

Inez White

Gertrude Whitfield

LaDon B. Whitfield

Dorothy E. Wilson

Roslyn Wilson




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