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Transcribed in August, 2005 by Suzanne E. Palmer

If additional information is needed on a student who attended Northwestern in 1946, please contact transcriber at: aunt_woo@yahoo.com

I dedicate this transcription to my dad, the late Richard L. Palmer, who graduated in 1946. Dad was on the R.O.T.C. rifle team and also achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the R.O.T.C.


1946 Norwester


Dedication: To you the students of Northwestern, who are both the actors and audience of our high school drama, and especially you seniors on whom the curtain of the last scene if now falling, we dedicate this Norwester.

Foreward: During the past four years, we have been engaged in the tremendous task of helping to win the war. Without relinquishing our responsibilities, we turn quite naturally in this first year of peace to gayer, happier pursuits.

The theater has long been a place where our people gather to relax, to laugh, and to renew their courage. Reflecting as it does the great American dream, the theater serves as our inspiration for this 1946 Norwester.

We have combined the year’s scholastic, social, and sports activities with all their dramatic highlights – in a manner we hope you will enjoy.

Norwester for 1946

Northwestern High School

Detroit, Michigan

Sports team: The Colts

School newspaper: The Northwestern Colt

From Charles G. Burns, Principal:

My compliments and best wishes to the members of the graduating classes to whom this book is dedicated. I am glad to have this opportunity to thank the students and the teachers whose efforts made this book possible. We know it was an especially difficult task just at this time of the reconversion period but this is all the more reasons why those who are responsible for this publication should be congratulated on producing such a fine piece of work.

From Vera E. Fox, Ass’t Principal:

Congratulations Northwestern Graduates of 1946. The three years since you were 10B;’s have certainly flown by fast. Now you are our new alumni. You have no idea what fund you are going to have meeting other Northwestern Graduates wherever you go through the years.

Counselors: Mr. Carr, Miss Doherty, Miss Schindler, Miss Clough, Miss Orth, Miss Vyn, Mr. Stoll.

Early in the course of the war, Mr. Austin Cline was appointed to act as advisor to Northwestern High School students serving in the armed forces. Since then his office has become a very busy place, a veritable veterans bureau where returning serviceman find not only an able counselor but a friend. BY keeping in touch with men enrolled in the army’s educational program, and by examining credits and credentials, Mr. Cline aids our veterans in continuing their education and in obtaining their diplomas.

Office staff: Miss Mackie, Mrs. Bergman, Miss Armstrong

Commercial and vocational department: Miss M. L. Hoover, Mrs. R. A. Schneider, Mr. L. Burgess, Mrs. M. Westphal, Miss H. Sterns, Mr. A. Losey, Mrs. M. H. Smith, Mr. H. C. Barget, Miss S. Bromberg, Mr. J. A. Otten, Mr. M. W. Ammer, Mr. E. L. Holmes

Health department: Miss M. Clarke, Mrs. P. Carty, Mrs. M. Dunn, E. Watson, Mrs. D. Penberthy, S. Brechtel, Mr. J. Demaree, Mr. W. Laury, Mr. S. Bishop Mr. J. Russell, Mr. Paul Bernd


Language department: Miss G. Bogenrieder, Mrs. L. Ryan, Miss B. Merriam, Miss I. Black, Miss E. Seaver, Miss E. Kennedy, Miss N. Norris, Mr. M. Novitz, Mrs. R. A. McConnell, Miss O. Battersbee, Miss M. Brown, Miss M. Beaman, Miss E. Greene, Mr. W. Filbee, Mr. A. Midgal

Exact and natural science: Mr. A. Hollinger, Mr. S. Wilson, Mr. F. Sisson, Miss I. Rundle, Mr. W. Wade, Mr. P. Sullivan, Mr. L. Wesley, Mr. J. McGuinness

Fine arts department: Miss G. Guenther, Mrs. B. Wagoner, Mr. J. Trattner, Miss S. Edwards, Mr. M. DeLeonard, Miss R. Harley

Social science department: Mrs. A. Keppel, Mrs. H. Bauer, Miss F. Comfort, Miss J. Miller, Miss L. Holtman, Mr. W. O’Neil, Mr. R. Ulveling, Mr. G. Montgomery, Mr. W. Markley, Mr. W. Hair

Clinic: S. Brechtel, G. Lawson, B. Westake, A. Diekoff

January Release

Officers of January graduation class:

Class President: Fred Knack

Class Vice President: Ben Zukowski

Class Secretary: Sybil Giles

Class Treasurer: Ken Baker

Class Colors: Ebony and chartreuse

Class Motto: Not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world

Shirley Amsinger

Ronald Aspinwall

Ken Baker

Ruth Ball

Shirley Back

Dorris Bender

Robert Blanchard

Mary Browington

Richard Brown

Ruth Bruckner

Jean Bunch

Richard Butler

Georgena Campbell

Marilyn Chapin

Minnie Chapman

Mary Conner

Henry Conrow

Herbert Craig

Carolyn Crew

Zenoleia Crutcher

Mary Daniels

Nancy Davis

Walter Dunn

Mary Durrell

Zoe Ebker

James Economy

Elizabeth Egler

Sidney Elliott

Sarah English

Gladys Felt

Donald Fischer

Carol Fisher

Wilma Foreman

Mary Forrester

Frances Frantjeskos

Geraldine Fraser

Marilyn Gallagher

Katherine Ganakis

Marion Geil

Jacqueline Giering

Sybil Giles

Geraldine Goff

Marilyn Golden

Gloria Goss

Adele Grabowski

Mildred Greer

Barbara Hawkins

Carol Hinde

Rexford A. Hinkle

Clara Hobbs

Bernice S. Hodges

Norman Hodges

Beverly Hollaway

Alice Howie

Patricia Irish

Elizabeth Jamian

Ernestine Jarrett

Alberta Johnson

Clara Johnson

Harold Jones

Myrna Jones

Bernice Joseph

Cornelia Kirchhoff

Fred H. Knack

Jean Lange

Helen Larr

Harold Lawrence

Betty Link

Frederick Locke

Angela M. LaValenti

Betty Luttermoser

Sally Malvern

James Mansfield

Dorothy McClendon

Muriel McConner

Lester McGee

Joyce M. McGinnis

J. Bernard Mensch

Thano Merrick

Marianne Merritt

Esther Naomi Miles

William Mitchell

Roy Mogren

Gladys E. Moore

John Morrison

Barbara Ann Mosley

Christine Mundle

Jo Ann Munson

Samuel Murdock

Edward Murmurian

Martha Naum

Reginald Oglesby

Carol Perlin

Angeline Pistoni

Mary Pitts

Dolores Pohlmeyer

Wilma Pollari

Shirley Ann Reaves

Shirley Reed

Flora Lee Reibeling

Dorothy Rice

Nina Lou Richels

Charles Roby

Loraine Seaman

Frederick J. Shaw

Edward Smendziuk

Mavis Smiles

Lois Ruth Smith

Louis Solomon

Carolyn Stewart

Dorothy Sumner

Rosa Sutton

Evelyn Swanner

Alice Swanson

William Teschler

Furniss Todd

Dolores Tracey

Dorothy Tucker

Shirley Uhes

Loretta Watson

Fred Douglas Watts

Georgia Weaver

Edna Weinberg

Marilyn Whetter

Dolores Whitfield

LaDon Whitfield

Virginia Wilking

Victoria Williams

Dorothy Wilson

Isabel Wilson

Rowena Wright

Molly Zoullas

Ben Zukowski

January graduates without photos

Collen Bohn

Dolores Buchanan

Fred Howell

Harold Knox

Carolyn Matthews

Freddie Paschal

George Van Wagner

Celebs for January

We award as oscar to each of the January celebs

To Fred Knack: for his outstanding performance as president of the January class; president of the “N” club; president of 102; captain of the varsity football team; member of the varsity track team; “Norwester” staff, and prom committee.

To Ben Zukowski: for his diligent work as vice president of the January class; vice president of the “N” club; president of the science club; member of the varsity football team; library staff, service club, and office staff.

To Sybil Giles: for her fine cooperation on the “Colt” staff and Gallant staff; and as homeroom secretary and secretary of the January class.

To Ken Baker: for his leadership as the student council president, officer of the R.O.T.C.; president of his homeroom; chairman of the 12A dues committee; treasurer of the January class; and as a member of the prom committee, and honor roll.

To Gerry Fraser: for her enthusiasm as a cheer leader; Gallant; member of the service club; G.A.A. board; and “Norwester” staff; and maid-of-all-work in the art department.

To Adele Grabowski: for unselfishly devoting time and effort as editor of the “Colt”; “Colt” reporter; secretary of the Spanish club; chairman of the radio club; Northwestern representative; chairman of 12A memorial committee; student council member. She received a Cum Laude diploma and the Wayne scholarship.

To Betty Luttermoser: for her whole hearted interest as member of the dance club, tennis team, hockey team, “Colt” staff; G.A.A. board; “Norwester” staff, advertising manager; chairman of 12A vocational committee; captain of the basketball team, secretary of 202; and editor of the “Nutshell”.

To Bernard Muench: for his loyalty as president of 202; vice president of student council; and member of the prom committee, football team, and honor roll.

June Release

June 1945 class officers

Class President: Jess Lowther

Class Vice President: Don Godbold

Class Secretary: Ellen Benish

Class Treasurer: Roy Moebs

Class colors: maroon and white

Class motto: Good! Better! Best! Never rest till good is better, and better is best.

Annie Adams

Marilyn Adams

Donald Alexander

Ruth Allor

Shurly Ash

George Balch

Norma Balk

Charles Banks

Herbert Barker

Elizabeth Barnes

Muriel Barr

Frances Barrington

Donald Behanna

Mary Alice Bell

Ruth Bell

Ellen Benish

Margarette Benn

Katie Berry

Robert Beutner

Edward Billings

Flora Blackman

Dolores Blaty

Geraldine Bolam

Willie Bolar

Callodethe Brazier

Clifford Bremilller

Dorothy Brown

Alice Broz

Neal Burchfield

Catherine Burden

Audre Burns

Thomas E. Burridge

William Byberg

Virginia Byron

Irvilyn Camp

Douglas Campbell

Shirley Carriere

Priscilla Childs

Sevara Clemon

Clarence Cleveland

John Clock

Joycelyn Cole

Shirley Coleman

Virginia Cox

Alphonso Crawford

Lillian Csaszar

Harold Culp

Betty Cyphers

Douglas Dames

Annie Davis

Barbara Davisson

Corinno DeBro

Marion Dell

Mildred Derrick

Pauline Dingley

James Dixon

Richard Donahey

Patricia Doss

Stanley Down

Bethie Drilllen

Earline Dudley

Henrietta Dunnell

Robert Dustan

Barbara Ebert

Eva R. Edge

Sheila Edmiston

Sally Ellison

Joyce Erving

Mary Eubanks

Henry English

Reginald Ernst

Jean Flowers

James Foley

Joan Follin

Audrey Ford

Frances Ford

Robert Fox

Josie Frazier

Mae Frederick

Carol Fuller

Charles Fultz

Shirley Gallagher

Mildred Gardner

Donald Godbold

June Goodwin

Bessie Goonis

James Gordon

Joseph Gornall

Leon Gossett

Dolores Graham

Robert Groves

Bernice Gregory

Gerald Groat

Irvin Hall

Mattie Hall

Jean Hamilton

Roverta Hargis

Betty Hatch

Thelma Hawkins

Helen Hayden

Jeanette Hayden

Gladys Hayes

Shirley Heinonen

Janice Helmrich

Richard Helmrich

Marie Herrmann

Carol Hield

Dorothy Hinkie

Milton Hodgins

Loraine Hoffman

Colleen Holsey

Phyllis Honcia

Betty Houston

Frances Howard

Richard Hoyna

Howard Hutchinson

Vivian Irby
Bernice Jackson

Helen Jackson

Susie James

Geneva Jennings

Beverly Jilbert

Christina Johnson

Dolores Johnson

Shirley Johnson

Dolores Jones

Rubie Jones

Naomi Jueckstock

Alberta Kazarian

Betty Kennebrew

Jack Kettle
Elizabeth Kim

Bertie Lou Kincaid

Barbara King

Pearl Kleinbard

Isabel Knerly

Charles Kohl

Jean Kopasz

Emily Lambert

Lucille Lambert

Janis Lane

Jewel Lawson

Anna Leon

Olivia Linton

Robert Logsdon

Patsy Love

Jess Lowther

Elsie MacMillan

Mary Mallos

Jeanie Marlin

Betty Marshall

George Martin

Lillie Martin

Bonnie Massengill

Constance Mayhue

Betty McCullough

Gerald McDonald

Betty McDowell

Catherine McFadden

Orsel McGhee

Marjean McKay

Ruth McNabb

Camilla Mead

John Meister

Douglas Mitchell

Roy Moebs

Georgia Moody

Mary Lee Moore

Milton Morgan

Martha Morrison

Vera Morse

Marilyn Mowrer

Annamae Muffolett

Ronald Murdoch

Dolores Murray

Jackie Murray

Phillip Nance

Robert Nash

June Neswold

Uhl Niendarf

Deloris Noble

Agnes Norman

Betty Novak

Ruth O’Brien

Rosemary O’Donnell

Rose Oto

Ruth Paige

Jean Panno

William Parker

Alex Patterson

Lloyd Patterson

Marion Payne

Lloyd Phinazee

Pat Pierson

Dawn Plankey

Mildred Porter

Michael Portlance

Virginia Preston

Mildred Priebe

Shirley Provonche

Vera Randell

Minnie Rapenport

Barbara Raulston

Emily Reece

Betty Reed

Agnes Rhodes

Virginia Richardson

Welford Robinson

Harold Rockwell

Juanita Rosario

Shirley Rosengren

Andrew Ross

Wanda Rushing

LaJuene Rutherford

Johnnie B. Sapp

Thelma Saunders

Wanda Saunders

Helen Sawai

Joseph Scaggs

Toshiko Seriguchi

Anna Mae Servis

Ella Servis

Henrietta Shelton

Ross Shepheard

Ronald Silsbee

Juanita Sims

Mary Sims

Clarence Samuel

Ronald Sitter

Betty Sleeth

Katherine Smith

Patricia Smith

Suzanne Smith

Robert Speier

Mildred Stallworth

Petrina Stanbrough

Louise Stegeman

Jean Stein

Gladys Stephenson

Mary Stewart

Richard Storey

Valarie Street

Lillian Stringfield

William Stripling

Harry Tashjian

Estelle Taylor

Jurldene Terry

Bernard Thomas

Sybil Thomas

Josephine Thompson

Marjorie Thompson

Mary Ann Thornton

Rosalie Thornton

Haroldine Tillman

Elizabeth Tinsley
Clara Townsend

Gertrude Tucker

Jacqueline Tulloss

Rufus J. Tyus

Marion Urquhart

Dorothy Uyeda

Georgia Vakendis

Dana Van Gorden

Nick Venus

Jerry E. Wagner

Mary Walker

Melvin Walker

James Wallace

Theresa Wallace

Joseph Ward

Rudolph Watkins

Julia Watson

Esther E. Watson or Esther Watson El (sorry, there is a signature over the top of printed name)

Marjorie Weiss

Mona Wells

Dorothy White

Rubie White

Doris Whitehead

Amos Wilder

Jack Williams

Lois Williams

Robert Williams

Walter Willis

Maurice Wilson

Rowena Winfrey

Susan Wolfe

Lois Wood

Minus Woodruff

Lowell Yancy

Ruby Yasuhiro

Angie Zafras

Edwin Ziegler

Doris Yancy

Summer School Graduates

Thomas Abner

Donald Anderson

Patricia Anderson

Betty Banush

Ruth Bergstrom

Christine Berry

Myrtle Berryman

George Bialach

Alfred Blumrosen

Dorothy Bolden

Marcia Boles

Helen Brown

Shirley M. Clarke

Dorothy Dennis

Kenneth Faulk

Don Frazier

Beatrice Graves

Mary Jane Greene

Donald Haddon

Joan Harper

James Harris

Eunice Heard

Barbara Henderson

George Henderson

Jacqueline Jones

Harvey Lipson

Lorna MacDonald

Helen Mason

Edward Moore

Margaret Murdoch

Dorothy Palkovitz

Richard Palmer

Olivia Powell

Robert Quintero

George Schulz

Gilbert Schumaker

June Sitter

Ulysses Spight

Marvin Spraglin

Mark Stauch

Jean Symon

Willis Troutman

Celebs for June

To George Balch for his devotion of time to the “Norwester” as assistant editor (’44) and editor (’45 and ’46); as a member of the track team, swimming team, and “N” club; president of 109.

To Barbara Ebert for her ability as a speaker and entertainer; as a member of the “Norwester” and “Colt” staffs, a cappella choir, honor roll, and girl reserves.

To Reginald Ernst for his loyal activity as a member of the track team, “N” club, honor roll, house basketball team, and Latin club.

To James Foley for his able assistance as a member of the student council; “N” club, swimming and tennis teams; boys’ sports editor of “Norwester”; and cheerleader.

To June Goodwin for her eager enthusiasm as president of 109, vice president of 109, secretary-treasurer of 109; captain of the cheerleaders; captain of the girls swimming team; vice president of girls business club; advertising editor of “Norwester”; member of the “Colt” staff, ski club, and G.A.A.

To Delores Graham for her excellence as president of the student council; secretary of the student council; cheerleader; vice president of the G.A.A.; president of girls’ business club; treasurer of girls’ business club; captain of tennis team; gallant; and “Colt” staff.

To John Meister for his unselfish service as president of 202; member of track and football teams, student council, and secretary of “N” club.

To Susan Wolfe for her colorful participation on the G.A.A. board, and student council, and as co-chairman of the open house committee; gallant; president of homeroom; and honor roll.

To Angie Zafras for her prominent work as president of the G.A.A.; treasurer of the G.A.A.; secretary of student council; treasurer of 204; member of the tennis, basketball, and hockey teams; and member of “Norwester” and “Colt” staffs.

To Jess Lowther for his starring role as president of the 12A class; president and treasurer of the “N” club, and member of the football and track teams.

To Donald Godbold for his eminence as vice president of the 12A class; captain of the track team and member of all city football and track teams; “N” club and honor roll.

To Ellen Benish for her distinguished contributions as secretary of the 12A class; president of the dance club; secretary of the G.A.A.; secretary-treasurer of 109; and member of the swimming and tennis teams and radio club.

To Roy Moebs for his accomplishments as 12A treasurer; vice president of the “N: club; member of the student council, Spanish club, and swimming and baseball teams.




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