Sanders Letter
Detroit, Michigan
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Detroit, Mich.
Saturday Sept 20, 1922
Mr. J.W. Sanders
Atwood, Okla. [Atwood is located in Hughes County, Ok]
Dear Father,
Rec your letter few days ago, was glad to here from you and glad you were all well.  We are both well.   Would have ans sooner But was waiting till pay day.
Am sending you $50.00.   You never said whether you wanted it or not.  But guess you do.  Well.  I still think it will Be all rite for you to come up here, if you want to come.  I hate for you to have to come so far, away from


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all the Girls.  [Sam had 5 sisters, no brothers]  But you can go back, anytime you like.  I am going Back there sometime to stay, But I think it is Best for me to stay here for a while.  I am shure you can get work, here at something.  it will Be all rite for  you to Bring your feather Bed, if you want to.  I wouldn't Bring any thing only Just what you have to.  Just your clothes, Bed, is all you need.  Yes I think it will Be all rite to Just leave the things at Harisons, Victrola and all.  I wish it was so Esker [Long] and Ruth, could come here, [his sister and bro-in-law]  But I am afraid this climate, would be no good for him. [Esker had T.B.]  Who


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does he no in California, and what is he figuring on doing.  it is all rite if he noes some Body there.  Yes you should go see Leona, Lorene and Irene,  [his sisters]
Before you come, and we will all go Back, next spring.  Ill tell you how to get here. get on that st. Louis traine at Durant,  [Oklahoma]  it leaves there about 12 oclock, the same one thelma [Thelma Ioma (Ragland), his wife] and me took.  get to st Louis, next day, about 10. oc, and Be shure and dont get off till you get to st Louis, union depot.  You leave st. Louis 5. oc. Pm. on the Wabash, get here next day about 10 oc. Am.


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Bring your suit case along with you.  We cant meet you here, at the Depot, for I will Be at work, and Thelma don't no the way, so you hire a Taxi, and tell him, to take you to 1614, Howard St.  it will cost you about $1.50 ct. and when you get to 1614, Howard, any Body, can tell you where our Room is, Just ring the door Bell, at 1614 Howard.  You can find us easy.  I have a room for you.  Put your Bed in the trunk(?).  let us no a couple of days, Before you start.   ans. soon.
as ever [closing] son.  1614 Howard.


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